Chronicles of Cana Caine

Loveless Wanderer

18 May 1978
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Your Name: Melissa
Your Email Address: TulsaKanette@gmail.com
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Character Name: Cana Caine
Character Age: Appears to be 20. around 230
Character Species: Human An Immortal.
Sexual Orientation/Marital Status: Heterosexual/Single
Character Affiliation: (good, bad, neutral) Good
Character Power: (if has one) has no powers. just heals fast.
Character Appearance: Curly Brown Hair and Blue Eyes (Played By Lucy Griffiths - Maid Marion in Robin Hood)
Character Personality: Shy and Romantic. Sometimes wishes
Character Strengths: Loyalty and intelligence.
Character Weaknesses: she hates needing help. her greatest weakness is fearing looking stupid if she asks for it. she fears being alone yet she never makes the first move to make friends.
Character Friends:
Character Enemies:
Character Likes\Dislikes: Likes mosts things. Dislikes Spiders & Rats. she has no idea why she fears spiders but as for rats she was bitten twice as a teenager in her sleep.
Character Background: Cana was given immortality in 1878 after stopping to help someone who was being murdered. The Looked at her and said "Thank you Young woman. I can see in your Eyes you've not found your soul mate yet." they pl;aced their hand over her heart and said "you will live until you find your soul then you and he will grow old together and die
How Fits Into Storyline: Feels a kinship to vampires because she's immortal and enjoys the night even though she's human she always preferred the night.
2+ Paragraph 3rd Person Audition In Character:

The Year was 1778 Candace Patricia Angelica Caine, who goes by Cana, was walking in the woods at night like her father had always advised her never to do. Her Father would disown her if he had known of her secret. Cana was sneaking to the Gypsy camp in the woods when she saw a gypsy being tortured by a local. The young man was clearly trying to hard them because the Gypsy was different. "Stop all life is precious!" she took a large stick and hit the young man over the head and Helped the woman to her caravan. The woman looked at her "Why is such a pretty girl as you not in the town at the dance?"

Cana "Because none of the boys are the type i feel i can connect to." she pulled her shawl up around her shoulder she sighed "Because i don't want to be tied to a young man that thinks money and the family line are all that matters in life." the gypsy took her hand and stated reading her palm "You have the Spirit of a Romany, Child. Your soul mate is not in this life time. Your twin flame has yet to be born." she took her hand and placed it on Cana's chest "As a reward for saving my life i grant you life until you cross paths with your twin flame and when you meet him. you and he will grow old and die together." lightning crashed and can felt a strange Jolt she wasn't sure if she believed this woman.

Present day...

Cana shot up from her pillow in a cold sweat and looked into the mirror "Does he even exist?" she said to herself as she got out of bed and walked to her shower. Thank the maker for indoor plumbing. She was glad she didn't wake up crying again her neighbors were starting to think she was suffering from severe depression because she tended to wake up screaming, sometimes crying. She sighed as she started the water in the tub and put in bubble bath. She closed her curtains and turned the lights down low and pressed play on her cd of Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake and removed her night now after turning off the water and slid down into the bath tub.